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Final Fantasy XI details big experience and skill gain increases

Eliot Lefebvre

While we still don't know exactly when February's mini-version update will fall, Final Fantasy XI players are going to have two very big things to look forward to when the change goes live. Previous updates had promised adjustments to skill gains and experience points, but without any hard numbers to back up those statements, some fans were quite reasonably skeptical. But the team has spoken, and now we have some idea of what to expect -- Even Match monsters will give roughly double their current experience, and skill gains are possible on Decent Challenge or higher enemies.

The former could well mean that the amount of experience seen by players will be doubled across the board, or it could simply mean that the scaling will work a bit differently. Similarly, the skill gains will allow players to level up weapons far more easily, especially with the promise of larger numbers for each gain, easing the pain of finally getting a 0.1 increase after half an hour of work. Players will have to wait a little while longer to see the specifics at work, but the two adjustments should give Final Fantasy XI's players a much easier leveling experience, especially for neglected jobs or subjobs.

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