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Duty Calls: Bulletstorm spoofs Call of Duty with free game (and we've got the full walkthrough vid)

If Bulletstorm's ad campaign teaches you one thing, it's this: Someone on development team People Can Fly came up with the term "dick-tits" and they put it in a video game. If it teaches you two things, it's the "dick-tits" thing and the fact that Bulletstorm shouldn't be compared to other popular shooters. Yes, if you're reading the contextual clues (smarty), the inclusion of "dick-tits" in the game may have told you that already, but in case you're really thick, the devs have created another expensive spoof for you.

The first time around, Bulletstorm poked fun at Halo 3's famous "Believe" diorama commercial; this time, it's Activision's Call of Duty series, which is reimagined as a free downloadable game dubbed "Duty Calls." You can download the 758MB game file directly from (or from our sister site Big Download, if that's more your speed), but we should warn you: You'll need at least 512MB of RAM, a 2+ Ghz CPU, 8GB of hard drive space, eighteen sound cards, three CD-ROM drives, and a subwoofer to play it. So we've done you a solid: Clamber past the break to watch the full four-minute walkthrough.

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