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Gamestop employees get Dragon Age 2 demo ahead of listed Feb. 23 public release

Working at GameStop is, at times, a pretty soul-crushing gig: long hours, minimum wage pay, thankless customers who trade in garbage bags full of slimy, stinky, long-since-dead game consoles -- it's pretty rough. Fortunately, BioWare's making life a little easier for these poor souls, apparently distributing download codes among GameStop workers for a PC Dragon Age 2 demo to be redeemed through a hidden page on the game's official site.

That page isn't without treats for us non-sales advisers, though. Not only does it offer a look at the two (extra) bonuses that shoppers will receive when they pre-order the game -- the Lion of Orlais Shield and the Fadeshear Sword, which we can all agree are the two most fantasy-sounding armaments of all time -- but a notice at the bottom of the page says that sharing the demo "is strictly prohibited until February 23, 2011 when the demo is made available to all consumers." We've contacted EA for more details on how the demo will be distributed beyond GameStop and to confirm if it's coming to Xbox Live and PSN, as well.

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