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Verizon Transfer app for contact migration to VZW iPhones already on App Store


In preparation for the upcoming Verizon iPhone launch, you may notice the VZ Transfer app on the App Store. The free app only works on Verizon iPhones, which means it doesn't do anything yet. But that doesn't seem to be stopping some exceptionally clever people from downloading it, discovering it does nothing on an AT&T phone and then giving it a one-star review.

VZ Transfer will transfer contacts from legacy phones (via Verizon's Backup Assistant) to the new Verizon iPhone. The transfer service will be verified via an access code sent through text message to your Verizon mobile number.

As confirmed earlier, qualified Verizon customers will be able to pre-order the iPhone in a little under 12 hours. Pre-orders for all qualified customers will take place February 9, and the device will officially go on sale at retail on February 10 at 7 AM.

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