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Want a job at Apple? Here's how to get it


So, you want to work for Apple. You're not alone -- a lot of people love the company so much that they'd do anything to work for Apple. Blogger James Holland at Electricpig has written a detailed guide on how to increase your chances of being hired by the geniuses of Cupertino.

Most of his guide is common sense -- you need to study, make contacts, be prepared for the interview and know the internal culture of the company. For those seeking employment, those tips are excellent no matter where you're trying to get a job. But Holland's guide goes beyond the obvious, pointing out that joining Apple's Developer Program is a great idea, even if you're not a developer. He also notes that Jony Ive visits his alma mater (Northumbria University) from time to time if you're interested in meeting him, and even suggests that, if all else fails, you can always try to be one of the 1-in-200 applicants who gets hired at an Apple retail store.

Holland makes other points that are great for anyone who is looking to either start a new career at The Big Fruit or perhaps move ahead in their boring, humdrum jobs. One that I personally feel is important for anyone is to "never stop studying." Heck, even as a fifty-something tech geek, I find it a necessity to learn new things to stay at the peak of my game.

Whether you want to walk the halls of Apple or are just seeking some job-hunting tips that can help you to start or advance a career in tech, Holland's post is worth a detailed read.

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