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Wasteland Diaries: Serendipity tour


There are three new serendipity drops in Fallen Earth, one per sector. While few have been found, even fewer have been reported. The old serendipity mobs usually spawn in the same general vicinity, making them easier to harvest. That almost takes the luck factor right out of the equation. But the new mobs can spawn in different locations, possibly even at random. This adds a bit more chance to these encounters and makes them a bit more, well... serendipitous.

The old serendipity mobs in Fallen Earth have been around for quite a while now, and it's entirely possible that some of them remain to be found. Many that aren't publicly acknowledged could still be closely guarded secrets only known to certain clans or persons. But I have gathered a good deal of information on the mobs and their locations, and I would like to give you a tour of the serendipity encounters that I was able to dig up. After the cut, we will start in the southern edge of Sector 1 and work our way to Deadfall. Follow along!

Sector 1

We start our journey in Odenville. The Salvager Junkingeer inside the salvager fort near the town drops the Shoulder Strap Belt. The belt itself is average for its level, but it has a +1 buff to Coordination. Then it's north to Boneclaw. The Bladedancer Edgemaster appears near the Gully Dog encampments around Boneclaw. He drops the Bandit Ski Mask. The mask covers the head and mouth, so goggles or glasses can still be worn. This item can literally be found on your first "use your Smash skill on a Gully Dog" mission in Boneclaw. I've seen a level 1 clone score one of these.

We continue on to Kingman and up the hill to the prison. The White Crow Overseer in the yard at Kingman Prison drops "The Solution." It is a medium pistol with a white finish and roses engraved on the slide and grip. A short hop away is Rest Stop. The Weeping Rotter, when found in there, will drop the Greaser Jacket. Aside from being quite stylish, it bestows a nice Social bonus on its wearer.

Then, it's on to Pinkston. The Judge Wordbearer who appears near besieged town drops "Shinsplinter." It is a cricket bat with pretty decent stats. It's not much in the DPS department, but it imparts +3 to Melee and a +6 to Melee Defense. After that, it's back south to Needle Eye. The Throwback Wretch in the old LifeNet facility that holds Deathspore drops the Saw-blade Shoulders. It's not the greatest shoulder armor in the world, but that's the price you pay for looking cooler than the other clones.

Then we head north and through Pass Chris and Watchtower. The Night Wolf Slaughterdog in Reyes Mine #4 (to the north of Watchtower) drops the Crimson Mask, which is a mouth-slot armor with tertiary resists. The mask may be crimson when you get it, but it can be dyed to any color. The Berserker Mutant, who can be found in the New Toro Facility outside of Trumbull, drops the Daredevil Helmet. This Knievel-esque helmet gives a degree of protection to your head while also beefing up your Dexterity. Then we head north toward Sector 2 after we cross over to Spider Hill. On our way, The Hulking Rotter, which is found just south of Oasis, drops "Suzette." It is a very feminine-themed shotgun, but that doesn't make it any less popular with the male clones. (It looks quite manly on you, Grim.)

Sector 2

Our first stop in Sector 2 will be near Sunshine Corners. A Devil's Own Bloodbather, found outside of Sunshine Corners at the camp near the warehouse, drops the Fierce Faceplate. It looks like the Fracture War Mask only in blue, so it matches the Death Toll armor nicely. Next we shoot over to Barret Manor.

The Devil's Own Fallen Angel, which spawns near Barret Manor, drops the "Gripster" Glove. This glove provides a bit of armor and a +1 bonus to Dexterity. It must be noted that these gloves do not drop in pairs. Unlike boots and shoes, gloves can only be found unpaired after the apocalypse. I'm told by several of my CHOTA friends that right before the Hoover Dam incident, Alec Masters went around and stole every other glove in the entire Grand Canyon Province.

Then it's south to Redfield. The Shiva's Favored Filthmonger in here drops the Salvaged Dirty Magazine. This storage-slot item improves Gamma regeneration by eight. It makes sense if you really think about it. Then it's back north, past Barret Manor and on to Last Stop. There is also a Protective Construction Vest somewhere nearby Last Stop, dropped by a Union Lawmaker, but details on this one are sketchy. It is said the Lawmaker hangs out near a playground.

Our last stop in Sector 2 is near Blaine. The CoG Physicist just east of Blaine drops a purple mini-Uzi called "Violet Violence." Onward to Sector 3.

Sector 3

Our first stop is Doucer's Court. The Mercenary Colonel in the mercenary camp near there drops the Intimidating Cigar. It makes your character look a lot more like Hannibal from the A-Team, and even the NPCs notice how cool you look with the social bonus it imparts. Then it's on to Chem Town. The CoG Caculatrix, which can be found hanging around on the stairs in the chemical plant to the east of town, drops "Pinky." Pinky is a pink-handled medium revolver. It's nothing special stat-wise; it's just another one of those feminine-themed guns that look nice swinging on the hips of the lady-clones. While we are in Chem Town, The Changed Berserker that lurks in the southeaster side of the toxic pool near Chemtown drops the Survival Canteen. It is a storage-slot item that boosts stamina regeneration.

Now, we venture south toward Trader's Flat. The Wolfskin Cowl is dropped by the Blight Wolf Ripper. The Ripper can be found near northeast of Broken Pass, which is on the road that heads north out of Trader's Flat. On your way past it, it might behoove you to check the small camp of Renegade Enforcers outside of town for the Servo-boosted Spaulders. Once we reach Trader's, we need to find a group of Survivalists, as the Survivalist Collector King drops the Welding Mask. He can be found near the gas station on the north side of Trader's Flat -- that's the gas station near the fast-travel pod. With all the time I've spent around here, I'm amazed I've never scored one of these.

Next, we shoot on over to Tannerfield. The Tannerfield well sometimes harbors the Elder Pale One. He drops a knife called Gelder. It is also said that the Elder Pale One can be found wandering around near the town as well. Then it's over to Blackridge, our last stop in Sector 3 before moving into Deadfall. "Quinn's Gamble" is a sniper rifle that is dropped by an Earthbound Sniper somewhere in the vicinity of Blackridge. I don't have much more information on the precise location, but if you see eco-terrorists hugging trees, it's likely that you're in the right neighborhood.


Our first stop will be near the Global Farm facility. The CoG Mathematician, who can be found near the facility (the same one with the Null-Terminator), drops the two-handed axe known as "H4X." Next, it's over to the Tech and Vista camps near Rothium Ridge.The Blight Wolf Omega drops the Blight Wolf Tail. This isn't just any old tail, either; it's a storage-slot item that bestows health and a boost to Gamma regeneration. The Blight Wolf Omega can be found either near the Tech and Vista veteran camps or near the Shiva's Favored settlement of Tabara.

Then it's over to Radburg. The Clone Cannibal, which spends its time shambling around the facility in Radburg, drops the "Brain Surgeon." It is a sweet-looking shotgun that kind of looks like a blood-encrusted SPAS-12. This storage-slot item gives a generous +15 bonus to your Nature skill. Then we go south, past Los Alamos to the road's end. The Hulk Rampager, which presumably spawns near the Hulks south of Deadfall, drops the Aged Hunting Magazine. There are also rumors of a similar magazine that grants a bonus to Scavenging -- supposedly it's dropped by other Hulks in the vicinity, but this hasn't been confirmed.

There was also an FN P90 submachinegun reportedly found in Deadfall. But it was just a hoax. What kind of person would pull a stunt like that?

That wraps up our Fallen Earth serendipity tour. There are still plenty of items out there that haven't been found and/or reported. So if you find one, and after you've made your fortune on the auction house, report it on this thread. Until next week, keep your eyes peeled for those new serendipity mobs -- they could be anywhere.

Ed Marshall has been playing Fallen Earth since beta and leads the KAOS clan. Wasteland Diaries is his weekly column that covers all aspects of Fallen Earth: PvE, RP and PvP. To contact Ed, send an email to, find him on the official forums as Casey Royer, or hunt him down in the wastelands as Nufan, Original, Death Incarnate, and Knuckles Mcsquee.

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