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iOS 4.3 beta code hints at Apple TV games


Apple has been making significant progress in the gaming sector since the inception of the iPhone. But, TV-based gaming has remained elusive to the team in Cupertino. Could that be changing with an upcoming update to Apple TV? A report on Engadget certainly suggests so. According to the report, the latest iOS beta code (4.3) contains references to "ATVGames" -- shorthand for Apple TV games, perhaps? Engadget alludes that the code suggests planned support for "a controller of some sort, leaderboards, a way to schedule games, and a store front."

While the current iteration of Apple TV is far from being competitive with today's consoles, the processor is on par with the iPhone 4 and iPad. Given the similarities between all the iOS devices, cross-platform development should be relatively effortless. Considering the success of the App Store's bite-sized games, it's not far-fetched to see Apple attempt to broaden its gaming efforts and tread on the home turf of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft.

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