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Exclusive pet available with RIFT purchases at Walmart


Trion Worlds' upcoming fantasy MMO RIFT is gearing up for a huge launch, with ongoing beta events and regular lore reveals raising significant interest in the upcoming title. Last week, Trion's marketing campaign took an interesting turn when the company teamed up with Valve to bring exclusive RIFT items into Team Fortress 2. This unusual marketing strategy could potentially give RIFT pre-orders on Steam a big push.

This week, Trion has announced a much more orthodox marketing promotion. On RIFT's March 1st launch date, boxed copies of the game will be sold at Walmart stores in the US and online at Anyone buying the standard edition of RIFT at these locations will receive an exclusive Shambler Hatchling pet. Prices for the standard edition are expected to be $49.99, with the collector's edition selling for $79.99.

Players who have pre-ordered the collector's edition and will be participating in the game's headstart period on February 24th will now also be able to get early access to their collector's items. If you're one of these players, head over to the Trion forums where Senior Community Manager Cindy Bowens has given some helpful instructions on getting your collectables on the 24th.

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