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PSA: Mythic shutting down some Warhammer Online servers


Okay now, nobody panic, but Mythic is closing down three servers in Warhammer Online. Specifically, the North American servers Iron Rock and Volkmar and the European server Corroburg will be disabled beginning three weeks from February 9. American players will be offered free transfers to the Gorfang server, while European players will have the option to transfer to Drakenwald. Furthermore, the Gorfang and Drakenwald servers will have the multi-realm ability enabled, which "allows accounts to have both Order and Destruction characters on the server and increases the character limit to 20."

Community coordinator James Nichols notes that the sever closures are being made to "enable players to experience more action during all hours whether fighting in scenarios or Open RvR." Head over to the Warhammer Online site for full details, including instructions for transferring guilds.

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