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Police Quest: Swat 1 and 2 added to GOG, pie-slicing imminent

We bet that your household in the mid-'90s resembled our household in the mid-'90s -- filled with concerned adults, watching their children periodically and meticulously sweeping through rooms, communicating through stern hand gestures and occasional orders to "slice the pie." Then again, maybe Police Quest: SWAT and its sequel didn't penetrate the walls and minds of your family as potently as it did ours, which would be a sad, sad fate indeed.

You can rectify your oversight (or relive those precious childhood memories) by grabbing Police Quest SWAT 1 and 2 on GOG, available now for $9.99. The latter half of the pair is actually a pretty deep tactical strategy title -- but the original, a pseudo-FMV adventure game, is the one you'd be incredibly foolhardy to miss. (Here's a protip: You're not supposed to shoot, like, anyone. Why do you carry around a substantial amount of guns and ammo? It is a mystery.)

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