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Dragonica: Awakening of the Ice Dragon releases tomorrow


Fire and ice may cancel each other out in the grand wheel of elements, but sometimes you just have to suspend disbelief when frosty dragons come to visit. As of tomorrow, Dragonica will play host to such flights of fancy when Gala Networks Europe releases its next expansion, Awakening of the Ice Dragon.

First up on the expansion menu is a completely new continent to explore. The frozen vista of Pagosia is geared to high-level adventurers, with plenty of hero and daily quests to keep the populace busy. Speaking of high levels, the level cap's been bumped up to 75, giving players a loftier goal to attain.

Plenty of mid-level options are available for snacking as well. A trio of new dungeons -- the Citadel of Torment, Wolves Den and Underground Graveyard -- will span levels 15-40 and offer up a host of unique challenges with yummy rewards.

Awakening of the Ice Dragon will grow the game in a number of other ways, such as allowing players to operate their own market stall, guild vendors selling exclusive consumables, and a permanent discount on warp tower costs. For a free-to-play title, Dragonica's latest expansion sounds like a great value for one's money and fun.

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