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Age of Conan adding more RMT items

Jef Reahard

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More microtransactions are making their way to Hyboria, and while Funcom doesn't have a full-blown item shop as of yet, the Age of Conan account page is starting to come pretty close. The game launcher features an introductory paragraph explaining the new items, which include both social pets and limited use consumable packs, and Funcom is looking to provide newer players with access to some of the exclusives previously available only via special subscription offers.

New item packs feature various XP buff potions, temporary and permanent teleportation abilities, and social pets like the owlet, loyal crocodile, and fearless crab. All items and item packs are purchased with Funcom points, which are available in various bundles starting at $10.00 (1200 points) and going up to $50.00 (6000 points).

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