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Forsaken World devs outline Phase 4 Beta


Perfect World Entertainment is just about ready to unleash its latest free-to-play MMO creation: Forsaken World. In the fourth developer video diary, Director of Marketing Jon Belliss outlines the development and testing process up to this point. He states that Forsaken World's closed beta testing has had the largest number of participants in Perfect World's history. The team expects great results from Phase 4, which arrives on February 23rd. This phase will allow all players to join in the beta if they wish to test out the game.

Phase 4 also introduces the highly requested PvE server along with new realms and a level cap of 60. The level cap will open up a new world of gameplay and areas never before visited by players.

Catch the full video diary after the break and then hop over the Forsaken World website for more information on how you can sign up. This is your chance to get in before launch on March 23rd.

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