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Gamerkraft announces Aida Arenas MMO brawler

Jef Reahard

Ready for another free-to-play MMO brawler? Ready or not, here it comes in the form of Aida Arenas, a new title just announced by Game Bridger Entertainment for its Gamerkraft F2P distribution platform. Aida Arenas is an action title from Korea's GalaxyGate development house, and it looks to combine classic beat-'em-up arcade stylings with the character progression and social features commonly found in MMORPGs.

The world of Aida is a place where "good ol' fashioned rough-housing" is a primary pastime, and "the game's accessible controls and gameplay mechanics are sure to appeal to a wide range of both hardcore and casual gamers," according to a Game Bridger press release.

Game Bridger is the publisher behind F2P titles like Freejack and Priston Tale 2, and you can learn more about its latest offering by viewing the Aida Arenas trailer after the cut.

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