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Nokia C5-04 with T-Mobile branding gets Bluetooth certified: is the Nuron 2 still on?

Chris Ziegler

Does that shot up there look just a little bit like T-Mobile's allegedly shelved Nuron 2? Why yes, it does -- so it would seem that the phone has a model code of C5-04, according to the Bluetooth SIG's certification database. That would make a lot of sense since the rumored Nuron replacement was looking like a rebranded C5-03 already, and Nokia would need to bust out a new model code since T-Mobile's version would require support for AWS 3G. Question is, does this mean that the phone is back on T-Mobile's roadmap? It wouldn't be out of the question for a canned device to continue its zombie-esque stroll through the world's certification bodies -- but this could also mean the carrier still wants to get this done; Nokia doesn't have Windows Phone gear ready quite yet, after all.

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