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Just5 CP11 hands-on


We bumped into Just5 at MWC 2011 and while its handsets aren't even remotely in the smartphone world, its "Cingular" and simplistic approach to mobile devices and security is still kinda neat. So it is all in the name here, Just5 refers to precisely that: these sets have only 5 features. Included are a loud speaker, a radio, S.O.S. emergency button, thermometer -- we've no idea why -- and a flashlight. The set itself has impressive build quality that is in contrast with the really low-end pricing and our favorite bit, a novel screen that pops open stiletto-style when the two buttons on the sides of the phone are pushed. The S.O.S. feature is actually interesting: pushing and holding it results in text messages being sent to 5 pre-defined numbers and the handset then starts calling those 5 numbers until somebody picks up. Just5 is targeting this set at young folks, and of course anybody else interested in a no-nonsense handset -- including the elderly. The Just5 sets are available in Europe, and are on the way to the US as you read this. Video tour and a plump gallery follows.

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