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Rumor of MacBook Pro refresh in March getting louder


Another report reinforces the rumor that Apple's MacBook Pro refresh will land in early March. This latest leak from AppleInsider claims volume production is underway, and assembled units will begin shipping the first week of March. The source of this information also hints that the MacBook Pro will see new product enhancements besides the Sandy Bridge processor. Details on which aspects of the notebook will see an upgrade were not provided, but we could easily see some of the popular features of the MacBook Air, such as a standard SSD drive or instant-on capability, coming to the MacBook Pro line.

This isn't the first time this rumor has been tossed around. Earlier this week, Danish blogger Kenneth Lund issued a similar report that predicted a March 1 launch date. Earlier this month, new dummy SKUs thought to be for the MacBook Pro were spotted in Best Buy's inventory system. Combine these rumors with the observation that current generation MacBook Pro hardware inventory is low, and you have multiple signs pointing to the imminent release of new MacBook Pro hardware. Anyone excited to find out what Apple has in store for its premier notebook lineup?

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