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New Faxion trailer reveals combat details and status effects

Jef Reahard

The combat in Faxion Online is shaping up to be a cut above the MMORPG norm according to a press release and a new video from UTV True Games. The free-to-play firm has just detailed Faxion's fighting system and is touting numerous visual cues and effects that help the player unleash hell on his enemies.

Combat information is conveyed via a combination of color-coded floating text, status icons, and Vortex Effects, which change the player's viewing area (like the "Confuse" effect in the header image). Faxion's combat status reports can be summed up thusly: The more severe an effect, the stronger the player notification. "We don't want players to rely on the same old visuals; instead we want there to be an instinct and intuitiveness to this combat system that also allows them to know their status quickly so they can dish out more pain to their enemies," says UTV Studio Head Frank Lucero.

Check out the video after the cut and head to the official Faxion Online website to sign up for beta. You can also see four screenshots of the game's status effects in the gallery below.

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