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Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite dungeon or raid memory?

Ashley Dourn

This Breakfast Topic has been brought to you by Seed, the Aol guest writer program that brings your words to WoW Insider's pages.

Ah, Karazhan ... Remember when it first appeared in game, and it was new and shiny and you actually had to try? I do. I hit 70 shortly after The Burning Crusade was released, and my guild could not wait to get into Karazhan. Our first several attempts were rather uneventful. We got eaten alive by The Curator on more than one occasion. We were so proud of ourselves the first time we finished the opera event. It was a weekly thing. We would log on. My fellow alchemists and I would get all the potions and elixirs and flasks ready. Everyone would get a few last-minute dailies done so they would have enough gold for the inevitable repair bills that would follow another wipe on some boss we hadn't quite gotten our strategy figured out on.

Over time, we got the hang of it. There was more cheering over Vent than there was yelling in frustration. I will never forget one night our raid team was in there, though. We had just completed the chess event, when suddenly our shaman healer ran straight into a wall and aggroed the next several mobs. We got the mobs off of him and killed them with little effort. The shaman healer spent the entire time running in circles. We finally managed to get him back on Vent, where we found out he had dropped his keyboard and mouse and now was stuck running in circles because of stuck keys. We thought it spelled certain doom, especially for the Shade of Aran fight. It ended up being the most fun we had in a raid. There is nothing funnier than watching a shaman run in circles and still managing to keep everyone alive. He deserves a medal for that run!

What is your most cherished dungeon or raid memory? Is it a funny moment you remember most, or is your favorite memory a more serious recollection?

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