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WoW Moviewatch: Back In Your Head


To quote Gnomechewer, the creator of this video, you should "just know that the love you squander today may end up being the love who is killed by a group of 5 people only to later come back as one of the Wretched who serves an Eredar demon lord and you'll never get another chance after all that noise." Or to paraphrase, in Back In Your Head, Jaina gets told.

Ziebart wanted to shout out to Gnomechewer while we're reviewing some of our staff favorites. And he's absolutely right; Gnomechewer does some absolutely amazing stuff with his videos. In this odd pop payback song, you get to see the Kael'thas and Jaina "romance" taken in an entirely different light. It's a lot of fun and a little mesmerizing to watch.

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