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First DC Universe Online patch goes live tomorrow!


Players have been anxiously awaiting the promised monthly patch from DC Universe Online, and tomorrow it will be here. Sony Online Entertainment has released DCUO's complete patch notes on the game forums, and boy, do they have a lot to say. At a glance, it appears that every power set and weapon type has been adjusted, but that's not the reason most people want to read through these notes.

The very top of the notes displays the new content we can expect to find when we log in Tuesday morning. The Dark Knight opens the Batcave for an eight-man raid; Catwoman leads heroes and villains on a chase across the rooftops of Gotham; and Aphrodite needs super-powered humans to help her resolve the battle between devotion and scorn. However, the change most anticipated by players has to be in the social and chat systems. Although most of the UI changes are a bit vague -- "Improved the layout of Voice Chat options on the Social UI" -- certain items like "Pressing '/' (forward slash) on the keyboard will now open quick chat mode and automatically add a slash to the text field" may be specific enough to satisfy players. Be sure to log in tomorrow and let us know whether it was enough for you!

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