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Xsyon release moved to March 15th

Jef Reahard

Building sandboxes is hard. So hard, in fact, that not many of them get built. Those that do eventually see the light of day, like the upcoming Xyson from Jordi Grau-Davis' Notorious Games, often go through laborious birthing pains, buggy betas, and delayed releases. In a post on the official Xsyon boards, the game devs have announced the decision to postpone the official release by two weeks (the new date is March 15th) due to "problems with our servers and bandwidth" brought to light by the recent headstart launch and the sudden influx of warm bodies.

The post details the forthcoming fix for the recent lag issues (a new download server) and also puts a positive face on things by bringing up the fact that the lag has caused a few hidden problems to surface. The Xsyon client and installer have also been updated, and pre-order players will have two weeks of free game time comped to their accounts.

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