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Zune Insider reminds that Zune isn't dead, announces Zune HD launch in Canada

Tim Stevens

We still have only an official non-denial from Microsoft about the continued livelihood of the name "Zune" as a brand, but now we have Zune Insider saying "Zune is not dead." Indeed we already knew that, but the question is what's coming in the future with Windows Phone seemingly getting all the company's attention of late. The future we still don't know about, but we do have some news about the present for Canadians: the Zune HD! Yes, our friendly neighbors to the north need no longer look south to purchase Microsoft's latest entry to the Zune series -- though "latest" is a somewhat sad designation for hardware that was released in 2009. However, there's still no Marketplace available: it'll strictly be a BYO tunage affair for now.

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