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Conduit 2: by the numbers


Sequels aren't always guaranteed to be better than their predecessors, but they'll always be bigger. David Pellas, designer director of High Voltage's Conduit 2, broke down many of the new features included in the Wii-exclusive shooter. Some of the additions rectify surprising omissions from the first game: the ability to sprint, alternate fire for weapons, and a proper sniper rifle. Embarassingly, the first game missed any female NPC skins for multiplayer -- an issue that has been rectified in Conduit 2.

Some of the added features are far more significant: the addition of split-screen multiplayer (with a brand new Horde-inspired co-op mode!), for example. The experience is fleshed out with an in-game store system that allows you to purchase new weapons and don new perks with a persistent character across both single and multiplayer. Finally, the campaign adds a feature most FPS games are missing today: boss battles.

Does all this newness amount to a better game? That's up to debate, of course. But no one can argue that Conduit 2 -- when broken down into numbers -- is a far more significant game than its predecessor.

Weapons 16 21
Multiplayer Maps 7 12
Multiplayer Modes 9 14
Friend List Size 32 64
# of Multiplayer Ranks 25 60
# of Campaign Missions 9 16
Campaign Playtime (hours) 4-6 6-8
# of Enemy Types 14 23
Controller Support Wii Remote Wii Remote, Classic Controller, Wii MotionPlus

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