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Ubisoft's 'We Dare' to ruin parties for PS3/Wii owners


Finally, a Wii and PS3 game that encourages absolutely reprehensible behavior. If you've been looking for a way to make your parties way more uncomfortable and insulting, Ubisoft has just the product for you. We Dare is a collection of "dare" minigames, including (based on the trailer after the break) spanking, "kissing" the controller, and, um, more. Like, apparently, being driven to spontaneous passion behind the couch while two dudes watch, apparently.

It's worth noting that the game is primarily shown in the trailer to make women at a party "perform" in a way they don't want to -- and that's the trailer. That's the "ideal" situation presented. In real life, thankfully, it's more likely people would just leave when you broke out the "naughty" minigame collection.

As far as we can tell, We Dare is a European exclusive, so American partygoers are safe for the time being.

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