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AT&T's Motorola WX450 shows its rugged self in FCC filing

Chris Ziegler

Motorola has a fairly sterling reputation for concealing interesting tidbits of information in its FCC filings -- but every so often, one slips through. Take this WX450, for instance, which you might mistake for an iDEN handset at first -- it looks a little bit like the i465 Clutch, after all -- but it turns out this puppy has 850 / 1900MHz WCDMA 3G (along with GSM) for use on AT&T... which would explain the AT&T logo button to the lower left of the d-pad. The giant screw on the back is indicative of the fact that this is a water-resistant device, backed up with what appears to be a thick non-slip, shock-absorbing rubber cover; Motorola already sells the rugged Tundra on the carrier, so there's certainly precedent for this sort of thing. Sadly, judging from the user's manual, it doesn't look like it'll be running the same wacky build of Android as the i886, which is a crying shame if you ask us.

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