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Bentley Collection iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry cases are made of rich, non-Corinthian leather

Tim Stevens

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If you'd like to give your iPad the same cosseting your posterior receives when you slot into the sport buckets in your Continental GT then you, good chap, are in luck. Bentley's "luxury leather partner" Ettinger, which ensures no surface of the vehicles is bereft of animal hide, is releasing a line of gadget cases to cover your iPad, iPhone, or BlackBerry -- though it's unclear exactly which model for the latter. Prices? You're looking at £45 for either of the phone holsters or £89 for the iPad-sized model. That's about $73 and $145, respectively, and a lot of cash for a little hide. If you're still not dissuaded there's another image of the tablet-sized version and a press release below. Those, at least, are free.

Bentley Collection iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry cases are made of rich, non-Corinthian leather
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The Bentley Collection Spring 2011

Driven by its outstanding heritage of hand-crafted fine leather interiors, Bentley and its luxury leather partner Ettinger have devised a range of modern must-have personal accessories to be launched at this year's Geneva Motor Show.

Inspired by the Beluga and Hotspur interior trim colours of the Bentley Continental Supersports, the capsule collection of leather items in black and red leather with contrast stitching includes keyrings and iPad, iPhone and Blackberry cases.

Founded by Gerry Ettinger more than 70 years ago, the company is still family owned and run by his elder son, Robert Ettinger. It is one of the few British luxury leather goods companies still manufacturing in the UK.

The company started working with Bentley more than five years ago to develop the Ettinger for Bentley collection. Robert comments: "The initial collections were made from black English waxy hide on the outside and the distinctive Ettinger colour of panel hide on the inside which has been made and used by Ettingers for over 75 years.

"The collections include everything from purses and wallets, passport cases, luggage labels and portfolios, as well as the iconic Bentley key case."

Ettinger has recently added some of the latest Bentley upholstery hides (fuchsia, yellow and blue) to its range. Everything is handmade in its factory in Birmingham, which uses the same skills that have been handed down for generations.

In 1996, in recognition of the work carried out for the Royal Household, Ettinger of London was appointed with a Royal Warrant to HRH the Prince of Wales.

Key dates:

1930s: Gerry Ettinger founded Ettinger in 1934. Having worked as a film producer in Italy and Germany (where he worked with Marlene Dietrich) he used his extensive contacts in continental Europe and England to create a range of luxury gifts

1940s: Recovery

After a pause in the 1940s during the second world war, he returned to London to reinvigorate and expand his business.

1950s-60s: Growth

In the 1950s Gerry Ettinger acquired a small leather goods manufacturing business, which had been making leather goods in London since the 19th century.

1970s-80s: Consolidation

Gerry Ettinger continued to work in the business until well into his 80s and saw the transformation of the company into one of the most respected leather goods designers and manufacturers in the UK.

1990s: Recognition

In 1990, Robert, his elder son took over and continued the tradition of craftsmanship and quality as well as bringing in some more contemporary designs. He has since further 'internationalised' and developed the business in Asia, Korea, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and the US.

1999: James Homer Ltd

In July 1999, Ettinger acquired one of Walsall's oldest leather goods manufacturing companies, James Homer Ltd (established in 1890). Homer is at the heart of Ettinger's hand-made manufacturing process and is home to some of the most skilled leather craftsmen in the UK.

2005: Bentley Collection

The collaboration with Bentley puts a whole new collection on the road.

2007: Showroom Makeover

The London showroom, in Ettinger's Putney Head Office, sets a new standard for the brand.

iPad case - £89.00
iPhone case - £45.00
Blackberry case - £45.00
Keyring - £22.00

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