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Crashing the parrrty: DDO's producer joins the fifth anniversary festivities


What's better: birthdays or pirates? For Dungeons and Dragons Online Executive Prodicer Fernando Paiz, both are equally awesome, which is why DDO's fifth anniversary is smoothered in secret pirate sauce.

In a birthday letter to DDO's playerbase, Paiz gushes about the game's accomplishments over the past half-decade, including its action-based combat, DX11 graphics and free-to-play transition. But all that is the past, as he talks up the myriad of in-game events that are currently happening in the game, which include fighting off pirates, collecting lost goodies and claiming your rightful booty.

Paiz also expressed excitement about DDO's future, starting with the European F2P edition that's coming soon to the international community. He also hints at several developments that are coming down the pike for the game, such as a new crafting system, high-level adventure packs, and a never-before-seen content system.

You can read the full producer's letter over at DDO.

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