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New armor sets previewed in the newest Final Fantasy XIV producer's letter

Eliot Lefebvre

If you're a Final Fantasy XIV player excited by the promises of new content in patch 1.16... well, no one can blame you for the excitement, but you're probably more interested in knowing when exactly the patch will be going live. While we can't be certain that it'll be this week, the most recent producer's letter from Naoki Yoshida strongly suggests it as a possibility. In the opening paragraphs of his letter, he mentions the original intent was to have the new patch go live before the end of the month, but it was held back just a bit longer to give the localization teams more time to polish it. We may very well see it go live before the week is out.

Of course, Yoshida has never simply dwelled on the known in his letters, and this one is no exception, as he previews two of the upcoming class-specific armors previewed. The armor will likely be familiar to Final Fantasy XI veterans, with the overall aesthetic strongly resembling the Dark Knight and Black Mage artifact sets. Yoshida also discusses a bit more of the upcoming content plans and the upcoming official forums, both elements that should make Final Fantasy XIV fans happy even in lieu of a specific date for the new patch.

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