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Infinity Blade update coming 'very, very soon,' Chair still has 'lots of content' to build

During the Q&A portion of today's Infinity Blade-focused GDC panel, Chair co-founder Donald Mustard was unsurprisingly asked about plans for future updates for the dev's iOS hit. "We have an update coming very, very soon," Mustard said, acknowledging that he wanted to get that question out of the way, "and it will add a ton of new content to the game and expand on some of the themes and story that you've already started to see." The game's first free update was released less than two weeks after the game's debut.

The next question from the audience? Yup, asking what Chair is working on next. "We're working on something ... cool," Mustard teased. "Actually, right now we're very busy supporting Infinity Blade. That's actually one of the things that's a cool opportunity with these iOS games, is you have an opportunity to put out your game, and then to continue to support it easily."

"It's so easy to make these content updates, and at least we've decided we're going to give our content away for free," he added. "So when you initially buy the game for $5.99 you know we're going to continue to give you content, so we still have lots of content we're building to support Infinity Blade."

Of course, considering Infinity Blade -- the entire game! -- took the team just five months to make, and it was released nearly three months ago, we're guessing there's more going on at Chair's Salt Lake headquaters than just free update development, but we're heartened to hear it nevertheless.

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