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Original iPad reduced to $399/$349 refurb


Apple is clearing out original iPad inventory, starting at just $399 for a new unit or $349 for a refurb. If you have a mom, a grandfather, kids, whatever, seriously, what are you waiting for? No matter how amazing the iPad 2 is (and it's lovely, really it is), this is an insanely good price for a device that's wickedly wonderful. From reading to games to email to browsing, the old iPad isn't going to stop being useful any time soon.

Buy one soon, before channels clear out, and before I give into the urge to pick up a few myself -- a move that would thrill my children and imperil my marriage.

I personally own the 16 GB Wi-Fi unit and have never found the lack of onboard storage to be an issue, especially with great apps like Air Video and LogMeIn out there to help connect my iPad to movies and resources from back on my Mac.

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