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Warhammer Online producer's letter mentions crafting additions

Jef Reahard

While we here at Massively are swamped with GDC-related news tidbits, life outside the annual conference does indeed go on. BioWare-Mythic's Warhammer Online is one such title that keeps on keeping on, and the latest producer's letter is up on the game's official website for your perusal.

If you'd rather we peruse it for you, well, keep reading. Producer James Casey has a fair bit to say, and he starts things off with a mention of the new communication initiative that is ongoing in the Developer's Corner section of the WAR forums.

Casey also touches on the upcoming tweaks to Grovod Caverns, a new live event called Sigmar Tide (currently scheduled for this summer), and a few proposed additions to crafting that are intended to "introduce new mechanics and flesh out the offerings available" for artisans throughout the realm.

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