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Cave Story before it was Cave Story


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During his GDC talk "The Story of Cave Story," developer Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya revealed that two years into the development of his 2004 indie hit, he scrapped his game design and started completely over. He then proceeded to show a video of this beta.

This version is very different from what we eventually ended up playing. It featured not only Quote, but Sue and a frog prince as playable characters, each of whom takes over at a certain part of the story. The famous rectangular boss Balrog is present, but he's named "Puu" and has a much less expressive face. He's occasionally seen wearing a scuba mask or other facewear. He's joined by another soap-bar guy named Oscar, who can ... transform into an angry cloud that shoots lightning. And, of course, the level layouts were all different. Weapons aren't upgradable, and are only acquired by purchasing them from shops. The music, however, sounded like what made it into the final game.

We hastily snapped some pictures of the video in motion, so you can get a glimpse of this unreleased version in our gallery below. The quality isn't great, because, well, it was a video playing on a projector.

Gallery: Cave Story (Beta version) | 8 Photos

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