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NCsoft pairs new launcher with City of Heroes, offers Wisp Auras as upgrade enticements

Jef Reahard

Bribery! Scandal! Shenanigans!

Well, OK, those last two might be stretching it a bit, but NCsoft is clearly engaging in a bit of customer coercion when it comes to its game launcher and the long-running City of Heroes MMORPG. You see, in order to get your superhero's hands on a shiny new Wisp Aura (which, for the uninitiated, is a type of cosmetic costume upgrade), you'll need to switch to the new -- and preferred -- way to download and patch CoX.

While the launcher application isn't new (Aion and Lineage II have been using it for many moons), NCsoft's desire to pair it up with City of Heroes is new, as the game has heretofore used its original stand-alone launchpad. The NCsoft launcher allows each of the Korean firm's games to update and start from a single application, and it can also be set to run in the background.

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