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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup is pre-PAX prepping

It's time, once again, for the gaming community to brace itself for the physical toils and biological terrors associated with the Penny Arcade Expo. The most Eastern edition of the event will begin on Friday -- but before we can cross the threshold of the convention center, we need to prepare ourselves. You know, mentally, spiritually and immunologically. (Please keep your plague-riddled hands away from our persons, cool?)

Below are our seven favorite, totally sterile gaming-related webcomics from this past week. Check them out, and vote for your favorite in the poll after the jump!

48 DDragon Age (No Cash Value)
Apocalypse You (Virtual Shackles)
Cocoon Academy Part Five (Brawl in the Family)
The Logical Fictional Conclusion (Of Noobs and Men)
Something to Consider (Penny Arcade)
It Has That Effect (Extra Life)
Doctor Feelbad (Awkward Zombie)


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