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PopCap considering IPO, not likely revealing any new IP in 2011


We're just gonna level with you, folks -- we're scared. Frankly, reading this weekend's CNBC report that Plants vs. Zombies developer PopCap Games is considering an IPO worries us greatly. In so many words, it means that the quirky indie studio could go from private to public, meaning that the company could go from being beholden to itself to being beholden to investors. It also means that PopCap could expand far more rapidly -- and that you could own a piece of the action.

As it stands, the studio pulled in over $100 million last year in revenues and, according to CNBC, is the third largest Facebook developer -- handily besting Disney's user numbers with just two games of its own (versus Disney's 37!). PopCap doesn't deny the possibility of the IPO -- it evenregistered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission -- with company prez David Roberts saying, "I do think we'll be ready internally. Whether the market is ready remains to be seen. It has got to be right for us."

Amazingly, CNBC also asked Roberts if he would comment on the long ago trademarked "Yetitrain" name. He didn't. That name, however, is still amazing. Unfortunately, we may not be hearing anything about it anytime soon. Roberts stated, "Don't hold your breath" when asked about the possibilty of a new franchise being announced this year.

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