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SNAK Facebook keyboard features custom hotkeys for all your trolling, poking, and cyber-stalking needs


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Sometimes you have to keep tweaking a concept until you have a winner. Do you really think that Robert Amato, CEO and founder of Social Keyboards, quit when his dedicated keyboard flopped? No, he went on to re-tweak the design for OK Cupid and even MySpace with the aptly titled Social Keyboard Applied to Networking and Kegs (S.K.A.N.K.) before hatching his latest plan, the Social Network Access Keyboard -- or S.N.A.K. Essentially a Multimedia Keyboard from Dynex with custom drivers and decals, this bad boy features nineteen Facebook-friendly hotkeys that take you to your inbox, events, photos, and more with the mere push of a button. And when you sign out? The hotkeys become disabled, so no one can maliciously (or hilariously) update your profile behind your back. This device is compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Yours now for $30! And yes, we were lying about the OK Cupid,, and MySpace keyboards -- although we sort of wish we weren't. Hit the source link to get rolling.

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