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Pro wrestler pitches first known perfect MLB 2K11 game, wins nothing


After the break, you can watch the last three outs of a perfect game pitched in MLB 2K11 by a gamer named Michael Manna, who also happens to be known as professional wrestler Stevie Richards. Manna posted the video on YouTube hoping to win 2K Sports' $1 million perfect game contest, but he's been thwarted by the rules. Rather than having the contest go live on release day, as it did last year, this year's contest doesn't actually start until April 1, which means Manna's win doesn't actually count.

Too bad for Manna -- that's a pretty harsh chair to the back. But at least he knows he has the chops, so when the contest does kick off later this year, he can go up to the mound and try again.

[Thanks, Darrenn!]

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