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TiVo asks customers about live iPad streaming


As Engadget notes, TiVo has launched a survey asking current customers if they'd like to be able to "stream live TV, DVR recordings and TV shows from a cable company's On Demand library to one's iPad." The survey asks users how they would feel about about both streaming video from their TiVo while in their home with the TiVo unit, and also about how they would feel about streaming shows recorded on TiVo to their iPad over a broadband connection when they are out of their homes.

TiVo launched an iPad app in January of this year that allows users to browse program guides, schedule recordings and remotely control their TiVo. However, that app does not currently allow streaming. Engadget theorizes that iPad streaming could be TiVo's attempt to lure customers back to the device. TiVo stock has fallen more than 50 percent since last May as many people turn to their cable service providers for their DVR needs.

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