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From the iPad 2 line: Form Tools PDF for the iPad


Quite a few TUAWers are out and about this afternoon picking up iPad 2s, and our own Erica Sadun is in Colorado right now. While in line for her new magical and revolutionary device, she met up with developer Zach Starkebaum, creator of the Form Tools PDF app for the iPad, and got a quick demo on video, which you can watch after the break below. Yes, the app's function is a little dry, but hey, it's Friday -- why not find some fun in using an iPad to sign and fill out PDF forms?

Stay tuned for more live coverage from iPad 2 lines all around the country today -- Mike Rose is currently headed to the Fifth Avenue store in New York City, and our own Steve Sande will be broadcasting live this afternoon from Colorado as well. We'll have coverage from all over for the big iPad 2 launch today.

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