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Introducing the Joystiq PAX East Loyalty Program (or: hang out with us for prizes!)

Your BFFs at Joystiq have a busy PAX East, hosting two live podcasts, moderating two additional panels, and even inviting everyone over for breakfast on Saturday morning. If that sounds like a lot of nerve-wracking work, well ... it is. But there's only one thing more terrifying than that: the size of the rooms at the Boston Convention Center, PAX East's embiggened new digs. We'll level with you: We can't fill 'em. They're too large! But we've never been above stone cold bribery. Seeing as how bribery is such a pejorative term, we're going to call it the Joystiq PAX East Loyalty Program, and here's how it works.
  • Attendees of Friday night's Joystiq Podcast LIVE!: The Reunion – 7:30 to 8:30pm in the Wyvern Theatre – will get a raffle ticket while waiting in line. We'll have some prizes to hand out during the podcast, but we'll have way more to hand out over the course of the show.
  • Bring that raffle ticket to Saturday Morning's Blueberry Muffin Tops breakfast at 10AM in room 052 and redeem it for a prize. You'll probably walk away with a free game! (Warning: There's one copy of Fighters Uncaged floating around in our huge collection, so ... watch out.)
  • On Saturday evening, you'll want to be seated in the Naga theatre at 8PM for the live X3F podcast. There'll be interesting prizes too -- and some will be, shall we say, unique. (Now you have to find out!)
  • Finally, you can attend the "Ten Games You Need to Play: The Digital Game Canon" panel at the IGDA Dev Center on Sunday, at 2PM, or "It's Not The Length or the Mirth: Game Length vs. Value" on Sunday in the Wyvern theatre at 4:30PM. The prizes? Uh ... the discussion generated by the esteemed panelists, of course. Yeah, let's go with that.
Just like last PAX East, we're taking the opportunity to unload all of our stuff – this includes games, clothes, swag, hardware, you name it. We don't keep anything we're sent (here's why) and giving it all away can be hard work. In other words: help us to help you!

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