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Different Cloth reveals disappointing Lilt Line sales


Despite winning an IGF Mobile Audio Achievement award in 2010, and despite being (in our opinion) awesome, Different Cloth's iOS/WiiWare music action game lilt line has not been a massive seller. Different Cloth's Gordon Midwood revealed approximate sales figures for both platforms on the company's blog.

"Lilt Line's price has remained pretty steady at £1.79 / $2.99," Midwood said. With total iPhone sales of 3,815 units, and US WiiWare sales of just 3,756 copies, "you can probably work out by yourself that i am not a millionaire. Yet."

Even worse, that figure comes in under the WiiWare sales threshold, meaning that if it doesn't sell about twice as many copies, neither Different Cloth nor publisher Gaijin Games get any payment for the Wii version. Which leads to one of the reasons Midwood noted these numbers: the WiiWare game is available in Europe today. If you like neon colors, and dubstep and tilting, you could hardly do better.

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