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inFamous 2 user-generated content beta signups now open


As promised during GDC 2011, Sucker Punch has delivered the specifics on its beta test of user-generated content creation for InFamous 2. Beginning now and running through March 21, those interested in taking part can sign up at to get the chance -- the developer will choose an unspecified number of applicants at random, who will begin receiving beta vouchers in "early April."

Since this is technically a sweepstakes, there are a couple of hoops to jump through at the site -- such as re-registering if you're already signed up there and, er, opting into the contest -- but once that's handled you need only sit back and hope that the Sucker Punchers smile upon you.

The best user-created missions from the beta will be featured as "Sucker Punch Selections" when the game launches on June 7. Check out our UGC preview for more on what to expect in the beta.

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