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Time Warner Cable iPad app lets subscribers view live TV


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Do you subscribe to both cable and internet service from Time Warner Cable? If so, there's an iPad app you're going to want to install as soon as possible.

On March 15, Time Warner Cable's new iPad app will become available, and it is the first app of its kind to give subscribers the opportunity to view live video on their iPads. Sure, Netflix and Hulu apps let you watch TV, but none of the content is live.

At launch, the app is expected to host 32 basic cable channels in high definition. Time Warner Cable expects that number to expand soon. To use the service, you'll need to have your iPad connected via Wi-Fi to a Time Warner cable modem. Don't plan on using the app outside of your home; there's no streaming allowed to remote devices due to licensing restrictions.

Unlike Comcast's XFINITY TV app for iPad, Time Warner's app doesn't function as a remote control or give access to video on demand. On the other hand, the XFINITY TV app won't offer subscribers a way to watch live TV until later in 2011. Time Warner does plan on adding the video on demand, remote control and DVR functions in the future, as well as making the services available on other platforms.

Hopefully, apps like these are a prelude to being able to bypass cable altogether and watching all TV content -- live and recorded -- via the internet on any device we choose.

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