Time Warner Cable's iPad app will be the first with live TV streaming - Update: 32 channels, launches tomorrow

Tablet apps from cable, fiber and satellite TV providers are suddenly a dime a dozen but despite promises of live TV streaming from several companies, the AP reports Time Warner Cable is finally ready to launch the feature first. The company's official blog also teased the app in recent days but so far, iTunes isn't giving any positive results. When it launches, it should enable TV watching, but only when used at home on Time Warner's internet -- you'll need the TV and internet services to access the 30 or so channels initially available. While we keep an eye out for the app to actually arrive, you can get an idea of what it will be like by checking out the demo video from last year, embedded after the break.

Update: We've received a bit more information about the app form a tipster, who sent over the document above that shows the 32 channel listing and other details. The app is scheduled to launch tomorrow, March 15, at 7 am, until then , check after the break for the full document that breaks down what levels of service is needed to get access and technical details like availability (not yet Hawaii) and issues with East Coast/West Coast time delayed feeds.

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