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En Masse talks more about TERA's BAMs and achievements

Jef Reahard

This year's GDC didn't bring us any revelations when it comes to TERA. Even though we got to roll through the Smuggler's Hideout and chat with producer Brian Knox, most of what we saw were refinements for the forthcoming fantasy MMO. We did learn that the devs at En Masse Entertainment are a fun bunch, though, and this sense of humor was on display as the team regaled us with footage of various BAMs -- company shorthand for Big Ass Monsters.

Today En Masse has released a bit more information on these big bads, which it describes as "bigger than a house, tougher than an armored car, and meaner than a dentist with a grudge." You see, TERA's AI is smarter than that of your average MMO, and the game's BAMs will circle around players as well as recognize attacks and avoid them. Additionally, TERA's mobs bring their own unique and situational attacks to each battle. As players begin to wear down a BAM, the creatures will go through various phases that add further challenge and necessitate strategy adjustments.

En Masse also offered a brief nugget pertaining to TERA's achievement system in a press release sent out this morning. "You'll earn achievements no matter which parts of the game you prefer. Story, monsters, player-vs-player combat, economics, and politics all earn you achievements to help you keep track of the great deeds you've done –- and to give you something to shoot for," says En Masse.

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