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PowerUP Heroes listed by Ubisoft as Kinect Avatar brawler


After the dismal Fighters Uncaged, the words "Ubisoft," "Kinect" and "fighting" have not been uttered in the same sentence here at the 'Stiq, for fear of summoning a sequel to the game. We must now use them, though, to describe what Ubisoft has -- perhaps unintentionally -- revealed via its web store: a Kinect fighting game called PowerUP Heroes coming "summer 2011."

According to the description provided, the title will let players transform their Xbox 360 Avatars into superheroes, acquiring the abilities of defeated foes by taking their "super suits," Mega Man style. Mentioned are a necromancer suit that summons skeletons and a mentalist getup that can "break into your enemy's mind."

The listing also includes a price: $50, so we're talking a full retail title here. We're contacting Ubisoft to find out what more we can about this Kinect fighting game. Gah -- we did it again!

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