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LunchCommunicator films your every single bite, saves relationships


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Ever wanted to tell your loved ones how grateful (or ungrateful) you are for your packed lunch, but not keen on having an awkward face-to-face dialog about it? Well, now you can! A research group at Ochanomizu University, Japan hacked up a nerdy lunch box -- consisting of a Creative webcam and a Viliv S5 MID -- just for this purpose. The idea is that when opened, the webcam will start recording the box being prepared at home; and when it's opened again at work, it automatically starts playing back the preparation footage while simultaneously recording the diner munching away. Obviously, you can throw in the occasional "oishii" and "arigatō" while you're at it. Sounds like the perfect gift for newlyweds, if you ask us. Video after the break.

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