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Homefront devs looking into 'freezing' issues, THQ did not support price drops 'in any way, shape, or form'


Homefront developer Kaos Studios notes on its forums that it's currently investigating reports of the game "freezing" on both the PS3 and Xbox 360. The company asks for patience, as it "will need a bit of time" to figure out what the problem is. Of course, if they do figure it out, then comes the console certification process (fun times).

THQ and Kaos Studios can't seem to catch a break during the high-profile Homefront's launch week. Despite solid initial sales of 375,000 units of the game, bad review scores have punched THQ's stock price and yesterday's pricing "race to the bottom" by Amazon and Walmart didn't help perception. For its part, THQ issued the following comment on the price drops:
Amazon and have raised the prices back up and it was a one day play to gain market share on the biggest title in the industry right now. THQ did not support this in any way, shape, or form.

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