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iPhone 5 again rumored to have NFC


It's a game of rumor volleying when it comes to the iPhone 5 and Near Field Communication. Early rumors suggested the iPhone 5 would include NFC technology, but recent information from UK-based The Independent hinted Apple would launch its own NFC-based payment system with the iPhone 6. Now that we have adapted to the idea of an NFC-less iPhone 5, Forbes has charged in with another rumor that places NFC back in the upcoming smartphone.

The source of this rumor is a friend of an entrepreneur who is working with Apple on a "top secret" NFC product. The unnamed individual believes the fruits of the friend's labor will debut in the iPhone 5. The source also claims manufacturers of NFC readers are preparing for a deluge of business when the iPhone 5 hits this summer.

While the possibility of NFC is exciting, the Forbes report is based on second-hand information and cannot be corroborated. Yes, it is possible the iPhone 5 will include an NFC mobile payment system, but it is not a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination. Sit tight and wait for the iPhone 5 rumor mill to kick into overdrive in the next few months before you start investing in VeriFone and other NFC makers.

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